The Cold-In-Place Recycling Machine And Where They To Use

Cold-in-place recycling (CIR) is one of the techniques used for the restoration of the worn-out asphalt surfaces. The surface could be the roads and pavements that have been used for a longer period. It got damaged due to wear and tear, hence the need for restoration services. However, in-place recycling is quite different from others of asphalt surface repair and replacement techniques.

What Is Cold-In-Place Recycling

Unlike other methods of restoring worn-out asphalt roads and pavements that require the removal of the entire asphalt surface and replace it with a new one, the cold-in-place technique uses the existing asphalt and mixing it with binding materials to form the new surface. However, the engineer may specify that a certain aggregate is added to correct the deficiency after sampling the material.

The reason why this process is called cold-in-place recycling is that it is done under the normal room temperature. No heating is needed to restore the asphalt surface. That means less energy is needed hence making it cheap and safe for the environment.

Cold-In-Place Recycling Machine

The cold-in-place recycling machine is the main piece of equipment that is used for the cold-in-place recycling process. The machine is designed to handle the restoration of the asphalt surface by utilization of the existing asphalt materials.

The cold-in-place recycling machine is designed to mill of the old surface up to anything from 3 to 5 inches deep. The machine mills the surface and recycles the asphalt material. What makes the cold-in-place recycling machine popular in the market is the fact that it does not need the heating of the road construction material to restore the road.

Where These Machine Are Used

Cold-in-place recycling machines have a vast range of use in the construction industry. However, they are widely used for the restoration of the lower grade roads and pavements. So if you have an old pavement that is developing cracks or has potholes, then you need to consider hiring this technique.

However, they can also be used for the repair of parts of the large roads that wearing out. However, in such cases, you will need a larger machine that can handle large loads. There are many benefits to investing in cold-in-place recycling. One of them is the lower cost of restoring pavement since you don’t need to get new construction materials. In addition to that, everything is done on-site and at room temperature.

5 Reasons For Buying BLY Hydraulic Press

If you are looking to buying hydraulic press machines, we highly recommend that you buy BLY. The Chinese based company has been around for more than 20 years. Over this period, it has built an impeccable reputation due to the kind of presses that they have been releasing to the market.

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in BLY Hydraulic Press machines. These are the kind of machine that will give you value for money. Here are the main reasons why investing in BLY is a smart decision:

Vast Application range

One of the biggest reasons why you need to consider BLY hydraulic presses is the vast range of applications. You will be impressed by the type of products that these machines can work on or produce. The company produces machines that can work on all types of metals. What you need is just to adjust the pressure depending on the material that you are planning to press. BLY Hydraulic Press machines can produce different shapes, sizes, and soon.

Pressure Control

One of the main features of a hydraulic press unit is the ability to control pressure. Without efficient control of pressure, it will be difficult to work on different work-pieces. For instance, the pressure used on aluminum is not the same pressure on iron. For the BLY Hydraulic Press machines, you can easily control the pressure.

Simple design

The design of the hydraulic presses is another important factor to consider. If you want to invest in a machine that is easy to use, then look for simple designs. For the BLY hydraulic press, they off some of the simplest design without compromising the quality of the machine. They are easy to operate with few moving parts to reduce the rate of wear and tear.

Consistent Pressure Tonnage

Tonnage consistency is another factor that you need to consider when it comes to presses. A good hydraulic pressure should offer consistency pressure to ensure homogeneity of the products being produced. If you are mass production of one product, then you need BLY hydraulic press machines. They offer consistent pressure tonnage hence good for mass production.

Less Experience Needed

Because of the automation features of the BLY hydraulic presses, they do not require a lot of human skills. You just need to know how to set the automated commands, and then the software program will do the rest. That makes it ease cheap to operate since you can have less skilled and cheap labor.